What we can do

With the backing of 30 years of running safari expeditions in Tanzania African Environments is well equipped to provide logistical support and solid advice for filming groups in Tanzania.

African Environments is a full-support film outfitter


African Environments is well equipped to take care of all filming logistics.  We can make all necessary bookings and provide fully functioning camps, as well as providing rugged 4WD vehicles, cooks, charter planes, translators and local guides.

African Environments has their own fleet of 5-seater and 7-seater Land Cruisers, rugged Land Rovers with custom-made filming balconies as well as pick-ups that can be used to move camps into remote locations or carry excess equipment. African Environments have film specific vehicle accessories such as high hat and bowl in the camera cars.

We can supply generators for charging batteries if required on larger shoots otherwise all of our vehicles are fitted with an inverter that can be used when you are on the road or in camp.

Camera Equipment is not readily available in Tanzania so we find it is best if crews arrive with their own equipment. African Environments has a number of experienced camera assistants, translators and walking guides for remote filming locations.

Location scouting, film setting and casting

Photo credit: Gian Schachenmann

Tanzania is a stunning country of breath-taking views ideal for filming. Vast open savannas teaming with wildlife, mountainous regions and the world famous Kilimanjaro, beautiful beaches and island culture in Zanzibar, not to mention over a hundred tribes that provide a myriad of indigenous people to film. African Environments has been running expeditions around the country for three decades and therefore can provide invaluable information in location scouting.

If your filming project requires film sets, props or wardrobe African Environments has experience in providing all of these. We have access to carpenters, metal workers and sewing experts who can create the backdrop to sets or accessories to suit the production.

We also have in the past providing casting for productions, accessing agents in Arusha or Dar es Salaam who can find appropriate talent if required.