Our Exclusive Use Tented Camps

African Environments’ commitment to the environment has most certainly led the way in designing our semi-permanent camps. We feel that a tented safari is the most enjoyable way to see and experience the beauty of Tanzania, as well as leaving the lightest of footprint on the this precious eco-system. Most importantly, eco-camping does not have to be basic and without comforts! African Environments has successfully incorporated luxury into the camping experience! The proper beds, eco-briquette heaters in common areas, warm showers and friendly staff leads one to forget that perhaps this is camping at all.

All of our camps have been certified by Responsible Tourism Tanzania; this process ensure that we have procedures set in place to keep our footprint on the environment at its lowest, while recycling and reducing waste wherever we can.

In our camps you will be offered 100% safe drinking water that is filtered with a Katadyn water filter, the best filtration method available. We adhere to all the Parks and Conservation Areas rules and regulations when it comes to trash and waste. Our camps are all semi-permanent, meaning no built-in plumbing is required and the environment is not permanently affected. We are 100% solar imposing no noisy generators that can ruin the experience for the clients and the wildlife!

African Environments uses dedicated ‘special campsites’ within Tanzanian National Parks and Conservation Areas. We feel that these sites, especially dedicated to African Environments offer our clients the very best safari experience. The views from our camps are spectacular and being able to camp within the Park or Conservation Area allows for more time game viewing.

This is simply the best way to experience a Tanzanian safari!

“A great surprise to our wildlife safari was that we would be just as excited to come back to camp in the evenings as we were to spend the day spotting the big five. African Environments camps had better food than any hotel I’ve stayed in and made you feel like you were really at one with nature. I slept as sound as a baby too!” Joyce, Montana