Mysigio Camp

A luxury highland camp with a myriad of Maasai cultural activities to immerse yourself in the ancient culture.

Mysigio Camp is located within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area close to Mysigio Village along the Endulen Road.


The camp is set away from the busy crater rim ensuring total tranquility. It is set on an exclusive, semi-permanent campsite with no permanent platforms or plumbing for the tents which would be damaging to the environment within the conservation area.


African Environments has a close and long-standing relationship with the local Mysigio Maasai tribe. We have been camping in the area for almost three decades and feel grateful to call Chief Ole Dorop and his family, our friends. He or one of his sons arrange really lovely and authentic Maasai activities at the campsite allowing guests see and experience these ancient traditions. Ole Dorop is available to join clients for dinner, take a short or half day walk direct from the camp. He and his sons have extremely interesting conversations about their life in Ngorongoro but also about themselves as Maasai traveling the world!


The camp comprises of 12 massive luxury tents with complete en-suite bathroom facilities. There is a wood heated lounge as well as a mess for relaxing and dining.

Mysigio Camp runs on 100% solar powered light, from the well-lit paths, to the bedside reading lights, ensuring that the clear Ngorongoro atmosphere is not spoiled by noisy generators.

The wood burning stove is designed to run on eco-briquettes made from remnants of coconut and cashew husks as well as waste charcoal that would otherwise be discarded.

The camp is fitted with a solar powered inverter enabling guests to charge camera and phone batteries. Note that it is not hefty enough to cope with hairdryers, laptops or shavers.


Mysigio Camp has a plethora of activities available, most done in conjunction with the Maasai tribe living nearby in Mysigio Village.

Take a glimpse into the life of a young warrior by taking part in the Maasai Orpul Ceremony
  • Orpul Ceremony which is a traditional Maasai ceremony for young warriors. If you have ever wondered what roasted goat tastes like, or how the Maasai cure sickness with natural remedies your questions will be answered here. Medicinal soup and roasted goat will be on offer to try.
  • Maasai dancing with the warriors and young girls of the village. The mesmerizing throaty voice of the Maasai combined with their jumping is a wondering sight.
  • Visit to the Maasai Boma and see the traditional life
  • Short, half day or full day walks with a Ranger and Maasai escort can be arranged from Mysigio Camp. Whether it is a short stroll or hefty hike, Ngorongoro is extremely picturesque and a safe and enjoyable place to get out of the car and stretch the legs.

Sifuni – Mysigio Camp Manager:

Authentic seasonal tent camp

We stayed at Mysigio camp as part of our safari with Deeper Africa, it was a wonderful place to stay for a Ngorongoro Crater Safari (15 minute drive to the decending road) that allowed us to understand the area much better – getting to know the Maasai people, their history in this area and their culture made for such an immersive experience. The camp itself is lovely and comfortable – this camp has a low environmental footprint and still manages to be stylish, functional and cozy – it’s cold at night (altitude!) so bring a knit hat and warm pajamas – I actually got some of the best sleep of the trip here because it was so cold but the beds are warm and comfortable! No wifi contributes to the immersive experience 🙂 The dining and lounge area is heated with a wood stove, and a great place to have a drink (included!) and chat with fellow travelers, and the food is amazing – we loved it!

Annie, USA (review from Tripadvisor)