Our Team

African Environments is a community of hard working and dedicated people, not just a place to work. Many of our team members have been working for the company for almost two decades. While on safari with African Environments you will meet our wonderful and charming guides, here we want to celebrate some of the behind the scenes members who work hard all year round to ensure all aspects of the expedition or safari experience runs smoothly.

Elia Amon, General Manager

Elia has worked in the tourism industry for more than 20 years and plays a vital role at African Environments. Elia has been part of the African Environments team for more than 4 years now and has gone from Stores Manager to General Manager in that time. Elia says “The satisfaction I get in making sure guests have a memorable experience in my country is an amazing feeling. I can’t imagine doing anything else. I still get the exact same excitement that I felt when I first joined the company. I enjoy being in a central role of ensuring everything runs smooth from start to end for our guests and at the same time working with such amazing colleagues. All this makes me go to bed and wake up with a huge smile each and every day”. Asante for all your hard work Elia!

Lucy Sabas, Accountant

Lucy joined the African Environments family in October 2017 as an Accountant and has gone from strength to strength. As well as ensuring all the financial statements, reports and general financial health of the organisation is maintained, Lucy also is part of the legal adherence team at African Environments. Enjoying car racing, football and singing, Lucy spends her weekends driving around the country to visit farmlands with her Husband. We would not be where we are today without Lucy.

Abdallah Mwinyi, Workshop Manager

The oldest serving African Environments team member aside from the Directors, Abdallah has a big job on his hands as Workshop Manager and occasional Safari Guide. Abdallah manages a team of mechanics as well as the driver guides and pick-up drivers. One of Abdallah’s greatest skills is his eagerness to share and teach the younger generation of ‘up and coming’ mechanics and drivers. He has strong helpful nature which makes him the unofficial African Environments problem solver.

Liliosa Mosha, Food and Beverage Manager

One of the most organised and efficient members of the team Lily gets just as excited about spreadsheet as she does about our fresh and tasty menus. Lily ensures that every mountain and safari trip has all the ingredients for the cooks as well as running our office kitchen that bakes the delicious breads, pizza’s and cakes.

Godlove Tadayo Msuya, Stores manager

Born in the beautiful Pare Mountains in the Kilimanjaro region, Godlove has been with African Environments for 8 years now. Godlove’s role as Store Manager is a lot more than just managing the stores. He ensures that all the African Environment camps are all set and ready to go each season, as well as making sure all staff are ready to go and have had a well-deserved break between seasons. Godlove works closely with the other office staff to make sure the equipment goes to the right place, that it is in good working order and that everyone knows what they are doing. Godlove loves travelling, hanging out with his friends and watching sports in his free time. Godlove is a breath of fresh air every time you see him! Make sure to say hi if you come by the office.

Frank Kaaya, Operations Manager

Frank started working for African Environments in May 2019. He’s a technically minded individual who is great at working in a fast paced and ever changing environment. He is eager to learn about the latest platforms and technologies and has been great at integrating new systems at African Environments. As one of our best problem solvers, Frank is always on the ball with issues that may arise and his attention to detail is key in the day to day running of the operations. Outside of work you’ll see Frank running around on a soccer field, biking passed you on the road or planning his next adventure.

Noela Herman, Accounts Assistant

Noela joined the team in 2018 and has been a vital support for the accounts department at African Environments. Working closely with Lucy in the accounts department, Noela also works closely across the teams and is a great addition to our ever-growing family. Noela enjoys visiting new places and reading in her spare time. Although Noela is quite new still, she has settled in so well and has been a lovely addition to the team.

Ramadhan Abdallah, Accounts Assistant

Ramadhan is amongst our longest serving members at African Environments. He joined the team in 2007, where he began his time helping out on mountain trips. He did this for 4 years before switching over to get some safari experience, which he did for 2 years. And if that wasn’t well rounded enough, Ramadhan decided to try out the workshop for a few years to gain some new experience. There was no stopping Ramadhan, as he went on to do a computer and accounting course and gained a certificate in Quickbooks accounting. He is currently working in the office as an accountant assistant. Ramadhan is well liked by his colleagues and, as you can imagine, knows everyone from all across the organization. His hobbies outside of work are playing football and travelling.

Hoza Frank, Workshop Assistant

Hoza begun working at African Environments in 1998 as a trainee mechanic and, under the watchful eye of Abdullah, grew tremendously in the first couple of years. He was soon out in the camps as an equipment driver and mechanic. Hoza is now an integral part of the workshop and is a huge character within the African Environments family. Hoza often spends a lot of the low season in our workshop in Arusha getting the cars ready for the season and then spends a lot of the high season out in the camps and keeping all of the vehicles in tip top shape.

Moses Mndama, Driver and Mechanic

mportant part of the workshop and camp crew ever since! Moses has grown from strength to strength and no job is too large for him. As a fun and smiley guy, Moses has a strong connection with many of his work colleagues, where you often see him joking around in the workshop or out in the field. Moses isn’t only social at work, but he also loved to play and watch soccer, hang out with his friends, and spend time with his wife and child. His favourite food is Wali Samaki (Rice with fish) so you will often see him eating this at any chance he gets.

Mathias Mushi, Stores Assistant

Having been part of the African Environments team for more than 3 years now, Mataeus plays a key role in ensuring the mountain equipment is well maintained and ready for each season. Another of Mataeus’ roles is to help manage the porters who are going out on trips up Kilimanjaro throughout the year. Mataeus also helps to manage the safari camp equipment. This is all work that is so important to the running of African Environments, he also runs our Moloni Café so thank you for all your hard work Mataeus! Outside of work, Mataeus loves listening to music, reading and watching films, as well as socialising with his friends.

Gabriel Habet, Operations Assistant

Gabriel started working for African Environments in January 2019 and has been instrumental in our business operational activity since. Gabriel is always keen to dive into whatever needs to be done and is a quick thinker, which is very useful during high season! It helps that Gabriel loves outdoor activities such a biking, hiking, swimming and travelling, so working at African Environments is right up his street.

Mary Lema, Food and Beverages Assistant

Mary has worked with African Environments for more than 20 years now. She started as an office cleaner, where she worked tirelessly to learn the ropes of the office and started to work her way up. From there, she grew into assisting Liliose with managing the food store, with whom she now makes a great team.

Tajiri Mungaya, Stores Assistant

Tajiri joined African Environment as a mountain porter 25+ years ago and after a few years joined the Office team as accounts department assistant. He then decided that he would have more of an impact in the store where he knows the mountain gear inside out, so he now works with Godlove and Matias with managing the mountain equipment.