Our Experience

There is nothing more important to us than the adventurous spirit. This, coupled with our experience and commitment to safety, ensures a successful Tanzanian safari.

Company Directors, Richard Beatty and Wesley Krause have a long history in the outdoor leadership and training sector. Wesley was the Director of NOLS in Kenya, while Richard led expeditions for disadvantaged youth with Outward Bound in Asia and America. Janice Beatty is a stalwart of the African filming industry, having worked with award-winning photographers and film crews from all over the world. Melly Reuling is an experienced mountaineering instructor and wildlife researcher.

With over 100 years combined knowledge of leading expeditions in the outdoors, African Environments has always been led by training and development of its staff to ensure safety of its clients.

African Environments has been an integral part of shaping the tourism industry in Northern Tanzania.

  • In the late 90s Tanzania National Parks hired African Environments as the local tourism expert and consultant for the management plan for Kilimanjaro National Park. We worked closely with the planning team throughout process, escorting them to the park and reviewing the plan for accuracy.
  • Our Directors served on the task force that opened, regulated and operated walking safaris inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This took years of planning, and many meetings with government officials to agree on mutually beneficial terms for conservation area and the tourism. We found and trained Maasai elders and warriors to help navigate through the conservation areas that had never been travelled by tourists. 
  • Our guides have been the go-to resource for the director of National Parks in Tanzania reviewing maps of Kilimanjaro before being presented for a United Nations gathering.
  • Two Directors, two employees and three Tanzanians we trained, served on the board of the Tanzanian Authority of Tour Operators (TATO). Both Directors served multiple terms on the council and ran the sub-committees that shaped regulations and standards in the area.
  • Our Guides and Driver Guides are all trained and awarded Wilderness First Response level first aid. This is a certification that is renewed every two years. We were the first company to offer this training to guides and still today provide this training on a annual basis. We also open this training up to other tour companies in Tanzania.
  • African Environments has a deep commitment to training and development of all staff, at all levels. Each low season we offer training and development opportunities to all staff, from mechanics, mountain porters, driver guides, to cooks.