About us

African Environments began in Tanzania in 1983 when American adventurer and outdoor education instructor Wesley Krause met Maasai Tanzanian, Isaac Leserwa and a Chagga Tanzanian Francis Kishingo. They joined to offer safe and reliable Kilimanjaro climbs, bush walks and safaris during a period when Tanzania was the domain of only tough and hardy travellers.

Back then, even before buzz words like “eco-friendly” existed, Wesley and the partners were already thinking about the impact their expeditions would have on this untouched land. African Environments, as the name suggests was and still is a true believer in low-impact tourism. 

Isaac and Francis later retired, and Janice and Richard Beatty joined the company in 1998, bringing with them both enthusiasm and experience that would see further expansion of the company. Richard, like Wesley, has immense experience in training and leading outdoor expeditions, having worked in Asia, Africa, UK and America. He and Janice also brought their experience in running filming productions in Africa, which further expanded the company’s scope.

Now located on a three-acre site on the edge of Arusha, African Environments remains a family-run company with reverent attention to detail, and leading facilities and infrastructure when it comes to training and development to provide a luxury safari experience. We have a permanent staff of 35 people and contract staff of over 400 people who strive to make every trip go perfectly.

More than just a safari company, African Environments is a respected organization that has nurtured the careers of many Tanzanians, who have attended training seminars or courses that we offer or partnered with us in some capacity.