‘Our epic time’

Thanks to Nancy and her group for sending us such detailed feedback;

After our 10 Day Walking Safari with African Environments we could highlight so many extraordinary moments and experiences: 

⭐ the wildlife – unforgettable and moving 

⭐ the landscape – stunning beauty

⭐ the camps – seemingly effortless style and comfort – sigh!!

⭐ the cuisine – so much food and so good – yum!

⭐ the seemingly endless knowledge of all of our guides imparted with passion and humour 

⭐ opportunity to meet and learn from the local Masai people – unique and eye-opening

From greeting to parting (the nicest people at the hotel in Arusha and a refreshing stop prior to the airport on our last day) the whole experience was seamless perfection. 

But what we will always cherish are the memories of every African Environment team member, each one of whom contributed to making our dream of a Tanzanian Safari exceed all of our expectations.

So many moments of the warmest and most caring hospitality (safety and sanitation are very welcome top priorities) we have ever encountered. 

Olee – our fabulous driver and guide, who not only had eyes on the back of his head but on the sides and on the top! We marvelled at his ability to spot wildlife and landscape features, maneuver us into the best positions to take in the wonder of it all, answer all of our questions, and look after our comfort (gourmet picnics, bathroom breaks etc.). He even wowed us with his French skills! Most of all he seemed to be as genuinely excited as we were about the parks, the landscape, the wildlife, which added enormously to our fun. 

Memorable moment (among so many) : Olee would say to us, “Let’s plan for tomorrow. There are a number of options….” Suddenly we were part of the team! 

Symphonia (spelling) and his team at Mysigio Ngorongoro Highland Luxury Camp 

We felt like family here. Symphonia and his team not only met all our needs but anticipated them with quiet competence and professional pride. Tents, showers, meals – all  perfectly delivered in the most beautiful setting imaginable. Added bonus of interacting with the Masai!

Memorable moment  (among so  many) – The extra special care for “Mama Simba” – thank you all so much!!! 

Nelson and his team at Pembezoni Serengeti Luxury Camp

Another amazing landscape and a slightly different style (way to go AE – variations on the African theme – keeping it interesting and beautiful) but still the same understated flair and the warmest welcome and care. Sylvester – what a star – escorting us to and from the beautiful main tent with the bar and the view!  Julius who gave  ‘Mama Simba’ her name. And as a group traveling together day by day – we loved “The Quiet Place” overlooking the river, the little monkey colony, and all the gorgeous birds! 

Memorable moment (among so many): the team somehow, with all their duties, put on the best surprise birthday celebration my daughter ever had. We are waiting for the African Environments Band World Tour – so much fun guys! 

Jerome and his team at The Wilderness Camps

We were ready to grit our teeth and rough it but, of course, no need – Jerome and his team were there to produce miracles of cuisine and comfort that we had never expected. (We never saw the behind the scenes efforts, but it is not hard to imagine the sheer amount of work involved in welcoming us – digging toilets, setting up tents, preparing and delivering food, and clean water while watching out for our well being and safety.) Plus a last night surprise party for Mama Simba – how do you do it!!!!!

Memorable moment (among so many): By the fantastic roaring fire (Olee do your talents have no end?),  glass in hand,  listening to lions and hyenas and looking up into the southern sky. After a long day of guiding us and answering our questions, James took the time to point out the constellations in the star filled sky. (That’s how many stars we would give African Environments and its team if we could)

The Walking Safari

Up close and personal with the Serengeti – completely different experience from the extraordinary jeep days. What a privilege to move through the park experiencing the land through all of our senses. We were keenly aware that this was all made possible by James and his team, who protected us from hazards both big and small (ants!!!) . Even those of us with zero experience of wilderness walking could not help but notice James’ vigilance, care, and knowledge. And Tim was always a quiet presence, calmly offering a helping hand, pointing out tricky terrain or a special feature – it would not have been the same wonderful experience without him.

Seif our National Park Ranger escort was an unexpected bonus. We thought he would sternly monitor us to make sure we did not damage the park’s unique environment (and rightfully so) but instead, without ever letting his vigilance falter, he regaled us with amazing stories about wildlife and park life. 

Memorable moment (among so many): Arriving at a bush lunch which appeared like a mirage in the desert or a vision in a fairy tale, Jerome and his team of magicians had set up a dream picnic for us. What luxury and what a setting!  (Kudos James for putting us off the scent by insisting at dinner the night before, that we would not have time for a bush lunch!!!) 

The Back Office: Planning the Trip

Ending with the beginning: The Back Office at African Environments is, unsurprisingly, as helpful, friendly, passionate, and knowledgeable as the rest of the team. We were a group of family and friends with a large age and wilderness experience range. African environments provided us with all the guidance we needed to plan the trip. They held our hands every step of the way, answering all of our questions, and solving dilemmas with patience and a wonderfully wicked sense of humour that actually made it fun. 

Memorable moment: the email thread about the ‘bathroom scenario”. Don’t be afraid to ask😂

The last word: Don’t just go to Africa – go African Environments!