Work experience secondary students

We had the pleasure of having Mathias, Daniel, Wilson and Elisha with us from Africa Amini Alama Secondary School of Sustainable Tourism. They came to do some work experience with us for 4 weeks. They spent a week in each department; food and beverages department with Lily and Mary, Operations department with Gabriel, and a week in the Workshop with Abdullah and Moses. They then went off to our Itikoni camp for a week to spend the week with Paul and his team out there. There were able to get a good idea of what it was like to run a trip for clients and what it takes to keep a camp going. to get a good feel for what it takes to run a safari company.

They have been such a pleasure to have around and have shown great enthusiasm for everything they did. They were all very good at asking questions, writing notes down as they went and even got to hang out with some clients at our Itikoni camp and even got to go on a walk with them in Arusha National Park. When talking to Ellian and Ben after their trip they said;

The students were so engaged and so switched on, they were such a pleasure to have around. When we were out on our walk, they took notes the whole time. When we got back to camp and sat down for dinner they asked us what our favourite part of the walk was, and then they asked us what the name of the first black beetle we saw was. We had a good laugh about that because of course we couldn’t remember and they had taken everything in and written stuff down. We know they will go on to do great things!