An Exciting New Serengeti Camp Location for African Environments; Part 3

From the camp on foot….

Venturing further afield to explore our new walking playground in a mixture of vehicle and foot exploration we keep discovering more fun bits – the fallen tree wedged across a pool making an improvised bridge (don’t fall in!) – the rocks sticking up like knife blades out of the water, the long sandy riverbeds shaded by lush trees and palms, the small spring where the elephants have been digging to get fresh water and yet there is still so much more to explore.

It really pays to have Julius – our Hadza guide – along when exploring in the bush. On one occasion we had been driving upstream but came to a gully we couldn’t cross with the car – the grass was long and steep sides – we decide to head further on foot and we just getting out of the car when Julius told us to “stop”! Less than 20 metres away he had spotted some furry ears just above the grass. The ears turned out to belong to a rather large lion and as he wandered out from his grassy cover he was followed by three lionesses fiercely guarding a clutch of young cubs. Never a dull moment in the bush!