Keeping Kili’s Crater Camp Clean!

As one of the original companies using and specializing in the Western Breach approach and overnight at Crater Camp on Kilimanjaro we are passionate about continuing to offer the Crater experience on our itineraries. In fact, consistently our trekkers rave about the chance to sleep in the 18,500 ft crater, often being a highlight of the expedition. Clients have the opportunity to explore the inner crater and the ash pit before moving to our highest camp on the crater floor. The Crater Camp offers spectacular views westward towards Mt. Meru and of Furtwrangler Glacier.

For years now we have been monitoring the melting of the glaciers. With 30 years experience on this mountain we have most certainly seen some changes! There are predictions that the ice capped mountain will glacier-free by as soon as 2030.

However rising temperatures is not the only major threat to this diminishing environment on top of Africa’s tallest mountain. The new evil is human generated, with short sighted climbing operators the culprit leaving trash behind along the trail and at the Crater Camp in particular. Being the highest camp on the mountain it is often misused by companies with tired porters and crews who dump rubbish here before the decent; obviously thinking that Park Wardens will not bother to check at such high altitude.

On a recent trip our team of dedicated mountain crews took it upon themselves to help preserve the beautiful environment of Kilimanjaro by collecting other people’s trash from Crater Camp. Twenty five of our crews collected over 8kgs of wrappers, empty drink bottles and discarded plastics that was discovered hidden behind rocks and in crevasses. The team submitted the haul to Kilimanjaro Park Rangers and were congratulated on their work.

We hope all companies operating on Kilimanjaro will one day have the foresight and dedication to the mountain to cherish it, not trash it!