Walking in the Serengeti

Half Day, Full Day and Multi-Day Walking within the World-Famous Serengeti!

Without a doubt, one of our favorite things to do is go walking in the Serengeti!

Exclusive walking area in the Serengeti

African Environments is one of only a few companies permitted to run multi-day walking safaris in the vast Wilderness Area of the Serengeti National Park. This large section of the Park is otherwise unutilized, closed off from the general public, a place where wildlife is flourishing free of any disturbance. By getting out of the vehicle, on-foot a new world opens up for you. This is about as close to wild and free as you can get!

Our Pembezoni Camp is the launching pad for our Serengeti Walking program. Located 40 minutes North of Seronera,  the camp and the surrounding walking area has varied terrain where our guides are able to tailor the walking program to the needs and capabilities of their clients. Whether it is a half day leisurely stroll – finished off with a fully catered “surprise” bush lunch under a shady tree – or multi-day hikes covering 3 – 6 miles (5-10kms) a day, there will always be something new and exciting to see. The lightweight walking camp is designed to be lightweight and agile enough to move each day with the group but still exceptionally comfortable with beds, showers and of course our mouthwatering food (and of course a cold beer!).

Safety of a walking safari!

Safety is at the forefront of everything that African Environments does. All walking expeditions in the Serengeti are accompanied by an armed Park Ranger and our own highly trained and armed specialist walking guide. All of our Walking Guides are trained in Wilderness First Responder, an internationally certified emergency wilderness medicine. Briefings occur before anyone steps out of the camp. Most of all, our Guides are experienced and undertake regular training in dealing with all the elements of leading their clients into the wilderness on-foot and bringing every aspect of the intense and complex ecosystem to life for the group – from the hard working and vital dung beetles to the environment shaping herds of elephants – everything has its part to pay.

Immerse yourself in the true wilderness!

Perhaps the key point about a walking safari as compared to a traditional vehicle based safari is that it is a chance to really feel and smell the essence of Africa. To scramble to the top of a rock kopje and survey the surrounding countryside or to stumble upon the lair of a porcupine, strewn with the bones it has collected like trophies. Whether you are exploring gorges or stalking a herd of impala walking appeals to all age groups – it’s a chance to get out of the car and really feel alive!

More information about how we prepare for our walking safaris can be found here.