Semi permanent Luxury Safari Camps 

A Tanzania safari is best experienced under canvas, you can only really appreciate the sights, smells and sounds of Africa from a camp.  We have two types of safari camp: semi permanent camps and Mobile Luxury camps.We operate all our own camps as opposed to some folks who book you into other companies’ camps.  That means our tents, our cars. Our cooks, our staff ..... so we can make sure the quality is top notch – every time.

Camp Life
Camps in Africa tend to be grand affairs – totally unlike the scout and guide type camping many people imagine. Our heavy canvas tents are airy inside and have sturdy wooden beds with warm duvets and pillows, each tent has a separate section at the back with a shower (hot water of course) and flushing caravan style toilet. There is also a shaded veranda on the front , somewhere to relax and take in the atmosphere. Meals are sumptuous feasts to be lingered over – waiter served in a roomy bug proof mess tent. Then of course there is the campfire, the focal point of most camps, somewhere to relax with a pre-dinner drink and mull over the events of the day with your fellow travellers. There is something that stirs deep inside all of us as we draw closer to the fire, surrounded by the sounds of the African bush.

Camps are about small numbers, about exclusivity – about the whole place revolving around the pace and needs of the guests –  from the wake up cup of tea or coffee in your tent then perhaps just a quick biscuit or piece of fruit and off out to see the tail end of the nights action or a full blown drawn out English breakfast  - it’s all about being flexible, and our leaders and guides are phenomenal at bending and twisting the itinerary to make the best possible fit for the weather, the wildlife and the clients.

Semi permanent Camp - these camps are positioned at carefully selected locations within the parks. Because we do not move them around we have been able to focus on providing all the comforts of home, without loosing the experience of bieng 'out in the wilds' that is the essence of safari camping.

Our Itikoni camp is at about 6500 feet in Arusha National Park on Mount Meru. We use this for acclimatization and preparation for our Kilimanjaro climbers, and as a base for exploring the facinating Arusha National Park Mount Meru. It’s an amazing camp – sited high in the mountain forest – tremendously atmospheric and with great walking right out of camp – so if you have someone who wants to go to a quieter park and to do a bit of walking in the cooler mountain air then this camp would be perfect.  It’s also a great jumping off point for the 3 – 4 day climb of 15,000 foot Mount Meru.

Away from the main tourist crowds at Ngorongoro is our Mysigio  semi permanent camp. Huge airy tents set on the edge of an ancient acacia woodland with sweeping views to the south down to Lake Eyasi a 50 mile long soda lake lying in an off shoot of the Great Rift Valley. The tents are positioned to provide maximum privacy – this is a place to pause your safari and just revel in Africa. The camp has a large stylish mess tent and a lounge tent stocked with comfy chairs, books  and games – the perfect place to  retire to, the camp is at about 9000 feet so  it gets cold in this camp at night .

Mobile Luxury Camp – these camps move around during the year so as to be positioned in the perfect spot for the game at any time of year. Being closer to the game concentration means less transit time to and from a distant lodge AND being right in the thick of it all day AND all night! Seasonally we put the camp in Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park and of course the Serengeti.  The tents are a little smaller than the semi permanent camps but are still walk in height with wooden framed beds, en suite toilet and shower and of course the bug proof mess tent and our great food! We keep the camp smaller because the areas we move in are fragile and we feel the large trucks many companies use to transport their ‘luxury’ camps have a terrible impact on the environment – our camps are pared down to offer exceptional comfort but are still  light enough to be transported by pick-ups.

What you get .... All our camps are full board offering either 3 cooked meals a day or a fantastic picnic feast (we don’t do the lunch boxes with the dried up cucumber sandwiches!)  Every car carries a table and your  guide will prepare a fresh salad to accompany the pizza, quiche or roast chicken from camp.  Dinner in camp is a grand affair and we have worked hard to make the menu as varied and interesting as possible, we also include a local option on some night for clients to sample. Evening meals include beer, sodas and wine – and of course filtered drinking water is always available in camp.

Mobile luxury camp, sleeping tent
Breakfast at our luxury mobile camp
En suite bathroom in every tent
Mysigio luxury camp dining tent
Mysigio luxury camp sleeping tent interior
Mysigio luxury camp sleeping tent exterior
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