With three decades in Tanzania we have tried and tested a whole bunch of extra activities to ensure that we can provide a truly unique safari itinerary.

Here is a list of some of the best additional adventures the region has to offer.   



Tanzania’s ‘Spice Island’ is a place like no other. We love Zanzibar, and not just for the wonderful white sand and vivid blue waters but also for the rich Zanzibari culture, great food, shopping and feeling of relaxation that is hard to deny once you step off the plane.

We have personally chosen, from hundreds of properties a group of accommodations in Stone Town and all over the island that will suit honeymooners, families, active types, those on a budget and those looking for something more boutique and unique.


Zanzibar is only one hour flight from Arusha but worlds away in terms of scenery making it a diverse and interesting place for a few extra days, or even a week at the end of a mountain trek or safari. We can suggest and book accommodation, flights, transfers and even tours while on the island through our partners.

3 Experience Mer

Experience Mt Meru

Tanzania’s second tallest mountain, standing at 4562 metres (14,967 feet) provides a challenging climb as a prelude to Kilimanjaro or stand- alone adventure. Mt Meru is a dormant volcano located inside Arusha National Park offering opportunities to see wildlife on the way as well as varied and lush natural environment.

The climb itself is not to be underestimated; the summit attempt starts in the early hours of the morning, walking in darkness for a sunrise summit. We recommend a three day minimum itinerary.

African Environments loves hiking in Arusha National Park so much that we have a semi-permanent camp – Itikoni – that is also used as our Kilimanjaro acclimatization. Itikoni Camp is the perfect place to start and finish a Mt Meru climb. We can provide all logistics; porters, cooks and a Wilderness First Responder trained Head Guide who will get you up the mountain successfully.


If you are limited for time, but are keen to do some hiking in Tanzania as well as a photographic safari Mt Meru is a great option. Arrive into Arusha and spend two nights acclimatizing at Itikoni Camp in Arusha National Park, this will be where you start your Meru climb.

8 Diving


If you are like our company Directors (Richard Beatty pictured above!) and like deep-sea diving, or would like to try diving while in Tanzania African Environments can arrange the perfect extension to your trip.

In Tanzania there is several world class diving sites; Mafia Island, Pemba Island or Mnemba Island, all part of the Zanzibar Archipelago it is easy to jump between them for a varied East African diving experience.

Having been based in mainland Tanzania for 30 years African Environments has made the effort to get to know the ‘island locals’ too so knows of personally the reputable Master Divers within the region.


Depending on whether you are a novice or experienced diver African Environments can advise on the locations and length of time to suit. Note that you will require an additional day in Zanzibar to ensure that you do not fly 12 hours after your last dive.

Day Hikes

Listed under our Walking Section we have a number of Day Hikes for those who want to stretch their legs before or after a safari.

We feel that Arusha National Park provides some of the best quality day hiking that Northern Tanzania has to offer due to its varied surrounds, thick bush, waterfalls and proximity to Arusha. African Environments has a luxury tented camp – Itikoni Camp – within Arusha National Park therefore we know the area very well so can tailor the walk depending on pace and fitness level.


Spend the day after you arrive, before your safari stretching your legs on a specially designed African Environments Day Hike. Our trained Walking Guides are all Wilderness First Responder trained as well as being charming hosts will create a memorable bush or backpack lunch depending on your walking capabilities.  Alternatively, a day of walking before you get on that long plane journey is also recommended.

12 Horse riding safari

Horse Riding Safaris or Day Horse Riding

All four Directors are keen horse riders; Janice Beatty in particular is passionate about horse riding and competing. Whether you are an experienced rider, or enthusiastic beginner African Environments can recommend a horse riding adventure that works well with your requirements and dates.


Depending on the size of the group and experience African Environments can tailor a multi-day horse riding safari or day riding. 

7 Balloon Serengeti

Ballooning over the Serengeti

During an African Environments ‘off the beaten track’ adventures there is only one more thing that can make the Serengeti seem even more amazing; seeing it from a hot air balloon!

Ballooning over the Serengeti is best done at first light, just as the animals and scenery is waking up into its full glory so when choosing this activity note that it means a very early wake up time. On the plus side, after your balloon ride and breakfast you will reconvene with the game driving activities of the day.


While staying at African Environments Pembezoni Camp in the Serengeti National Park we will be able to arrange a balloon ride at one of the closest designated areas within the park.

IMG_3445 1

Gorillas and Volcano in DRC

Wanting to do something really different and open to traveling outside of the more frequented African counties. Then look no further than a trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. DRC is a desperately poor country that had been in the news for all the wrong reasons over the past few years but its also home to a large population of endangered mountain gorillas and has some vast national parks. As the political situation improves more and more opportunities for unique travel opportunities are opening up. Directors, Richard and Janice have visited the country, made connections and are eager to lead adventurous types into these new areas. The highlights are Virunga – the title also of the movie – to see the incredible gentle giants. Or hiking around and almost into active DRC volcanoes.


Seasoned travelers recommended only; it is not for the faint hearted but brilliant for anyone with that adventurous spirit that likes to think of themselves as the “Livingstone-type” going where it feels no foreign man has been before. Combining the DRC gorillas and volcano requires 5-7 day itinerary.

Arusha Town Shopping

Arusha Town Shopping Tour

Fancy getting in amongst the hustle and bustle of Arusha City to look for some handmade bargains, local art or precious gemstones? At the end of your safari African Environments would be happy to plan a half or full day tour within the city with one of our Guides. Most of the larger curio shops will also FedEx or DHL any larger items you wish to purchase back home for you. If you would simply like to see a little of Tanzanian city life then there are several vibrant markets and hubs that can be visited. Being based in Arusha we know all the best places to shop, and to even see local artisans at work creating their wares.


Add on an extra day to your safari either in the beginning or the end and African Environments would be more than happy to plan with our Guides an exciting day in town.