Our Safari Trip Leaders are charming, responsible, Wilderness First Responder accredited, internationally travelled and experienced. They are the face you see on arrival and the person who will help carry your bags before the good-bye hugs. African Environments leaders are the helpful and organised friend who is remembered for a lifetime.

James Kivuyu, Kilimanjaro and Walking Safari Trip Leader

Starting his career with African Environments as a cook on Kilimanjaro James quickly rose to the position of Trip Leader. He has a natural, easy charm, a killer smile and a passion for Walking Safaris in the Serengeti.

Noel Mbwambo, Kilimanjaro and Walking Safari Trip Leader

Noel or “Mchili” as he is known, is a gentle soul who has an encouraging and caring nature. Noel has been guiding with African Environments on Kilimanjaro for over 10 years. Recently Noel has enjoyed sharing the many cultures of Tanzania with his experience leading Walking Safaris with the Hadzabe in Eyasi and Maasai in Ngoronogoro.

Richard Nashuma, Safari Guide Leader

Like all good Driver Leaders, Richard started his career as a mechanic and is as competent under the bonnet of his vehicle as he is spotting leopards in trees. A Maasai, Richard is extremely comfortable in the bush and will gladly share stories of his life, culture and country.

Denis Mollel, Safari Guide Leader

Denis grew up in Arusha but if it wasn’t for his family would probably be happy enough to spend 100% of his time on the Serengeti where he is well-known by many other Driver Guides as an expert “spotter”. Denis is a highly skilled mechanic and experienced filming driver; a role that requires huge amounts of patience, stamina and precision.

Kihago Hamza, Safari Guide Leader

Kihago started his professional life in the pharmaceutical industry before embarking on his passion, working in the tourism industry. He has been with for African Environments for 15 years, speaks four languages, is a generous story-teller and has an infectious laugh. A safari with Kihago is as animated inside the vehicle as the wildlife that he will introduce.