African Environments is a community of hard working and dedicated people, not just a place to work. Many of our team members have been working for the company for almost two decades. While on safari with African Environments you will meet our wonderful and charming guides, here we want to celebrate some of the behind the scenes members who work hard all year round to ensure all aspects of the expedition or safari experience runs smoothly.


LiliosaLiliosa Mosha, Food and Beverage Manager

One of the most organised and efficient members of the team Lily gets just as excited about spreadsheet as she does about our fresh and tasty menus. Lily ensures that every mountain and safari trip has all the ingredients for the cooks as well as running our office kitchen that bakes the delicious breads, pizza’s and cakes.

Honest 2

 Honest Msoffe, Accountant

A long-serving member of the African Environments team, Honest is a diligent accountant, friendly HR manager and all-round respected member of our team. Honest is regularly the first person in the office in the morning offering a warm welcome. Aside from also ensuring our taxes are paid, salaries deposited and accounts are balanced Honest also supplies the company with delicious home-grown eggs.

Abdullah 3Abdallah Mwinyi, Workshop Manager

The oldest serving African Environments team member aside from the Directors, Abdallah has a big job on his hands as Workshop Manager and occasional Safari Guide. Abdallah manages a team of mechanics as well as the driver guides and pick-up drivers. One of Abdallah’s greatest skills is his eagerness to share and teach the younger generation of ‘up and coming’ mechanics and drivers. He has strong helpful nature which makes him the unofficial African Environments problem solver.

Frank Kileo, Operations Manager

Another one of the company’s long serving team members, Frank is testament of what training and hard work can achieve. Starting his career as the bike messenger, Frank is now the epi-centre of all operations. His cool head and friendly nature make him the perfect Operations Manager, responsible for all scheduling and movements.

JourneyJourney Dedan, Operations Assistant

One of the newest members to the African Environments team Journey is a dedicated and super-friendly member of our Operations Team. Having worked in the tourism industry since 2010 she is partly responsible for ensuring that all the bookings are made and trips run smoothly. Journey is so dedicated to African Environments that she even moved house recently to be closer to her job.